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Community Voice – Needs Must / Pan fo Angen


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ABFABB is co-ordinated through Bridgend Association of Voluntary Services (BAVO) Community Voice: Needs must/Pan fo Angen which delivers a 7-project portfolio across Bridgend County Borough, supported and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The portfolio aims to achieve participation in local decisions by groups that face particular barriers in engaging in community life and have their voices heard.

The 7 project members are:

  • ABFABB (A Brighter Future Altogether, Benefiting Bridgend)
  • Shout
  • Digitalk
  • Self-help, Self-harm
  • Young Adult Carers Voices
  • BCDP: Shaping our lives and communities, planning together
  • Ogmore’s Future

To find out more about Community Voice please visit the Bavo website.